Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness Program

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RESALIO International Coaching Firm

When are you able to perform your best?

Most likely when you feel your best, not only physically, but mentally.

A positive mindset is as important as skills and hard work.

When employees are satisfied with the company they work for,

they develop stronger work ethics and enthusiasm to do more for the company.

Opposite, when employees aren’t satisfied with their work place and

aren’t happy with the company,

why should they care about the work they produce?

These research datas are well known to companies like

Intuit, Google, Fitbit, Apple, The Motley Fool, Tesla, Diesel, Riot, LinkedIn and

many others... and they all dedicate great effort to transform the workplace.

They are offering nutrition education,

meditation classes, nap rooms,

or even something as simple as creating a fun spot to relax.

Even small changes can make a difference and

company performance rises, employees feel connected and

become more efficient and present to their work and emotions.




  • improve communication skills
  • increase employee productivity
  • higher job satisfaction
  • lower absentee rates
  • a more positive work environment
  • boost emotional intelligence & teamwork
  • increased efficiency which results in increased profit
  • lower health care costs
  • build resiliency 


  • reduces stress and anxiety
  • improves mental focus and learning
  • improve communication skills
  • increased serotonin and endorphins release that improves mood and behavior 

  • reduces tension and pain caused by headaches and work pressure
  • unlocks creative thinking
  • creates a deep state of relaxation
  • boosts immunity

The Sound-Therapy experience will be catered accordingly to your Company's busy schedule,

whether you choose to deliver it as part of your meetings,

powerful presentations with clients,

employee appreciation and special events,

or as part of a regular Corporate Wellness Program.

SoundBath requires very minimum equipment for your employees, like a yoga mat and a little blanket

Doesn't exclude anyone based on health issues

Sessions can be offered before or after work,

or on lunch breaks

SERVICE OPTIONS | Rates & Inquiries 


60-75 MINUTE EXPERIENCE | Full Gong-SOUND Immersion + Guided Relaxation

75-90 MINUTE EXPERIENCE | Full Gong-SOUND Immersion + BreathWork

90-120 MINUTE EXPERIENCE | Lecture on MEDITATION Practice + Experience


Rates are dependent upon the type of service, frequency, and location.

Please contact us to discuss logistics and details to make the most suitable experience for your workplace.

Full Gong-SOUND Immersion + Guided Relaxation

STARTS at $700 and caters to Groups up to 15 people.

It includes 2 Sound-Therapy Facilitators, 3 GONGS + all the instruments

for a Full SOUND Immersion Experience. 

Full Gong-SOUND Immersion + Guided Relaxation | for Groups up to 40 people.

STARTS at $1100

It includes 2/3 Sound-Therapy Facilitators, 5 GONGS + all the instruments

for a Full SOUND Immersion Experience.

[ ... ] 


Discounts are offered on packages of 3 or more Sound Experiences. 

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