Behavior Modification Coach

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Sports & Peak Performance Coach

Body|Mind Conditioning Trainer

Sound Therapy | BreathWork Facilitator

Nicola believes in the power of community as the main catalyst for personal growth.

He has traveled extensively around the world to gain knowledge and authenticity. 

Active Environmentalist, TEDx Organizer, and Intercultural Speaker,

Nicola studied Solution-Focused Coaching and Ericksonian Hypnosis at Erickson College International of Vancouver (CANADA ) and Clinical Hypnotherapy at Hypnosis Motivational Institute in Los Angeles. 

He furthered his education by studying Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Facial Microexpressions,

E&P Relationships, and becoming a Sound Therapy and

BreathWork Facilitator. 

Former Athlete, Nicola is a Certified Personal Trainer,

Sports & Peak Performance Coach and

member of AHA, American Hypnosis Association

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Body-Mind Conditioning

Clinical Hypnotherapy



Clinical Hypnotherapy

Mind Training, in any of its forms,

is Communication.

A strong relationship and trust must be formed between Coach and Student.

When we have the will to achieve something new in our life, wether it's a personal goal or

a business project,

changes are required. 

Through the Art of Communication, to which many titles have been given - NLP, Hypnosis, Coaching, Meditation, Sound Therapy and so on.. -

we can alter our mental patterns and learn the new skills necessary for Change.

Old thoughts are like old foundations, we can't build anything new on top of it.

There is not a pre-fixed strategy in Advanced Coaching

I use anything is in my tool-box,

from Solution-Focused to Hypnosis,

Sound, Behavior Modification

Techniques, Imagery...

that is most suitable to my clients' personality

in order to attain the results they seek.

Main Office

3939 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 208 - Long Beach 90807


14000 Tahiti Way - Marina del Rey 90292

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Body-Mind Conditioning

Phys|Mental Resilience

Training the body for effective and lasting results, is the consequence of developing

a resilient mind.

The struggle with commitment and to get clear about the internal drives that influence one's choices, it's the 1st STEP we address in order to teach the Mind how to train the Body.

Teaching you the bodywork skills to perform correctly a fitness routine is the basic job that a general Personal Trainer is capable to deliver.

But developing Physical and Mental RESILIENCE

means to build a

PRO-Athlete Mindset.



Turning a Diet & Fitness Program into

a Life-Long Change;


Developing Self-Intuitive Training Skills;


Falling in love with your new Fitness &

Optimal Health routines and become an independent Athlete at any level and age.

My client portfolio

renews regularly because most of the

Body-Mind Conditioning Training Projects

( TRAINING 360 )

complete in 6 months to 1 year range.

Training facility 

indoor sessions: @ Marina Harbor

outdoor sessions: @ Marina del Rey's Beach


Travel to You:

Ask for Training Sessions made available

in the privacy of your own Home.

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Each Program




starts at 640|month

with different modalities of frequency and logistics

to find out more,

contact me directly.

Body|Mind Conditioning Training

Behavior Modification Coaching

Strength Training


Outdoor | Natural Environment Training

Clinical Hypnosis for Weight Loss and

Weight Management

Phys|Mental Resilience Training 

Long Distance Coaching and Trainings

available Worldwide

We don't need to be sitting face-to-face to achieve behavior change results.

Solution-Focused Coaching and Mind Training are based on Communication and Semantic and

are as effective online as in person. 

ONLINE Coaching and Training Certifications are also offered in Italy, in Italian Language.

Please write or call for more INFO.

Sessioni di Coaching Personale e Certificazioni per diventare un Coach, sono accessibili in Italia, ONLINE-Live, in Italiano.

Scrivimi o chiamami direttamente per maggiori informazioni.

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+1 310 980 8025 

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